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AJ Alarm Systems offers both commercial and residential burglar alarms at an affordable price and service you can count on. Our expert technicians and installers give you top of the line service every time. They are highly trained and ready to serve you.

We can set up your business with complete automation and integrated systems. If you want the latest and greatest complete home system we have you covered. From a standard system to fully integrated home technology we do it all.  We know protecting your home and business is your top priority, so it's our top priority too. Contact us today to speak with a security expert who can get you started.


We offer commercial and residential fire alarms. With our 24/7 UL-listed Monitoring Center, we have you covered. We will design your fire system to fit your building using up-to-date NFPA code. Our technicians are the leaders in the industry giving you complete peace of mind. We offer testing and protection for your home or office. Call AJ Alarm Systems for expert advice and insight on complete fire and life safety systems.


AJ Alarm Systems provides the latest in video surveillance for your business or residence. Whether you are using a single front door camera or require a multi-camera system around the premises, we can customize your home or business system to meet your needs. View real-time live video, record events, and review footage in the palm of your hand with a tablet or smart phone device. Events are time stamped and can be played back. Multi-data storage is available with our custom DVR's.


We offer the latest in access control and smart lock. Limit movement in your building or control employee access. Electronic access control gives you the power to monitor and limit access to your site. Time-stamped and time-controlled access is monitored and can be integrated into your security system and customized for you. Take control with Access Control.  

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